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Hard suspension on the CPX

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Hi CPX riders,

Is the suspension on your CPX just as hard as mine?

I think the scooter is made for two batteries and a passenger, and maximum range, so when you drive it with one battery and no passenger, it is pretty stiff.. Even though i'm about 85 kg.. 

I already turned the suspension to the softest setting (as there is a ring to adjust it) but the effect is minimal.. 

And i also added a gel seat, but it's still pretty hard.. 

Is there anyone who installed better, more comfortable suspension?

Kind regards, 

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Hi! I use the CPx with a top case and carry some loads. For my particular use I've changed the front fork oil to a 15 density, making the front a bit more stiff, and didn't felt the need to adjust the back suspension, although the lenght of the suspension could be revised because often (with loads) reaching the roundabouts, the center stand scrapes the floor. 

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do you know the cpx front fork seal dimensions for replacment as I have lhs leaking on my 2021 10k miles cpx?