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Bought a TS.

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I bought a used TS yesterday from oscar, for me its just for fun in the sunny days, I want to change some things on the bike. I have ordered the sabvoton svmc72150, it should arrive in about a week. The controller is more then needed, but the price is almost the same as the 72080, so at least I can change my original hub motor if I want in the future.

I also want to add regenerative braking to it, not sure which road I want to follow with this, thumb throttle or making it lever controlled, or pressure controlled on the hydraulic circuit of the rear brake.

Let's see where we get with this, I have a lot of experience with frequency controlled system in the offshore oil and gas, scr controlled drilling motors pulling 2500amps, so the bike is a toy.

I will keep some updates when I receive the controller.