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I will a new user, Today I bought a TC MAX

Paolo Sapio
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Hi, in these few days I will receive a new TC MAX, I am excited and scared because I have always used an Aprilia Pegaso 650, I buy a TC MAX because in Madrid next month it can't drive with Pegaso because it is very polluting. I sold it on Sunday and for now I'm a little sorry ... what do you think, you who already have the TC MAX, was it worth it?


From Madrid

Paolo Sapio

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I haven't tried but I imagine it being like a 125 with acceleration faster than average cars. 

I have tried the TS for a long time and it was weak with everything original

The TC I tried recently and it has just enough power and gives more acceleration and top speed to keep you go around a city with roads up to 70km/h but never on a hill. 

The TC-max should be more powerfull in acceleration and top speed as well as keeping speed up the hills but still a city bike only

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Hi, I got my TC Max in August and have been really enjoying it. The acceleration is very fast, especially as its a very light bike too. Its very quick around city roads, fast away from lights etc. The only thing to bear in mind is that you'll feel every pothole and bump in the road - its quite stiff suspension. At 40-50mph that can definitely be something to bear in mind!

Its been great though,  and very easy to charge etc.