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New Member from Portugal (Brand New CPX)

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hello everyone,

My name is Miguel, 46 years old, from Portugal.

just yesterday I’ve picked up my new CPX with 2 batteries and also a 3rd battery to have ready at home.

First full charge made a little over 100km and arrive home with 17% charge showing on the dash.

I work daily at Glovo for usually 10 hours. 

I was using my car and my 2012 triumph street triple r to work, and was looking for a radical solution to avoid the daily fuel costs.

Usually I do around 20km each hour, witch means daily I do 200km

I was planning to buy 2 extra batteries, but decided to buy one extra for now and try to switch between batteries during the day.

in a couple of days I will receive the 3rd battery and put this theory to the test... 


I intend to be a active member on the community and report my experience with my new CPX from now on.




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Bem vindo!

... com atrasos mas em tempo.

Comprei uma segunda bateria para minha TSX no Aliexpress, vou aguardar sua experiência.

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Hello Miguel,

Are you satisfied with your CPX so far ? Thanks

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Greedings Miguel and welcome!

Safe travels!