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New to Vancouver ... tips please before buy

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Hi I just moved to Vancouver and really liked the super soco TC ... motorino do 35% rebate of the price . 
But says it have to get licensed. 
Others sells for the full price without license?! 
please any tips to get it cheap ? 

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Hello, Mina. To get the rebate (which amounts to $2000), you would have to get the Super Soco TC licensed and insured as a "limited speed motorcycle" (LSM). A fast scooter, basically. You also need to purchase the scooter from a registered dealership. That limits you to Motorino on 2nd Avenue, I think. You can buy a TC from another seller, but if they're not a registered dealership, then you can't apply for the rebate.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, I think there's a version of the TC out there that's limited to 45 km/h. I'm not sure if that's the software speed limit or if the motor is different. Anyway, that kind wouldn't be eligible for the rebate anyway.