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30km range instead of 60km

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So i was recording a motovlog to see how much range i have in a real world scenario..

I wanted to go 19km and then go back 19km. 38km total trip. (because i knew i couldn't get 60km)

After 16km, my battery was on 50% and i had to turn around...

after 28-30km the battery was empty.

My soco is almost 4 months old (didn't drive for 1 month), and had 1613km on it.

I will update you on further information.. (Motovlog of this coming soon..)

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really depends how you ride and the roads you ride, i get about 25m (40-45km) on a full charge, on mostly flat roads - I try not to ride last 20%


also how cold is it where you are? affects lithum capacity quite a bit

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How you ride, where you ride and your own size and weight.

I can get 70km on a single charge with smooth driving max 40kmph on relativ flat surface, i'm 70kg.

Normally I can get anywhere between 50 and 60km, but I hardly ever push the battery over 80% and below 20% only if I have a long day ahead. Normally I drive in mode 2 (55 max speed), I'm hardly ever in a rush so I tend to take it easy to reduce battery wear, danger and simply be able to enjoy the scenery a bit more.