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Battery Paraller Problems

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I got my battery paralleler installed and noticed some very strange issues. On initial use and installation the paraller worked as it should. 1% battery A 1% Battery B. Swaps about every 30s or so.  However as the week went on I started noticing some interesting differences. My daily commute takes 13-16% daily minimum as I drive max speed. One day I arrived at work to and checked the % and the battery said only battery A had used 5% and battery B was 100%.

Unfortunately I didn't think to check each battery individually at this time. It was suggested by the shop here to unplug and check each battery's % individually to see if there might be some error. Another drive to work showed I had only used 5% of one battery and 6% of the other. I checked individually and the batteries confirmed that is what had been used.

The weirdest reading was 13% on battery A and 0% used on battery B. After sitting outside turned off for a couple hours when I went to ride again for lunch it showed 5% battery A, 7% battery B.

Has anyone else had these issues riding? I also noticed that if you use gear 3 and for some reason switch because of traffic conditions or something, it's possible for the batteries % to get continually mis-matched.

As I was afraid that it was actually affecting my range, I did a long drive to check. After driving ~115km 1 battery had 13% left and the other battery was sitting at 2%. I drove the first 60km in gear 2 (40kph) and the return trip which was a bit shorter in gear 3 for the majority of the time (67-70kph).

Anyone have any ideas here?