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Christmas Eve on the TC Max

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So going out having a fun ride, work has ended for 2020 in my world, so going on a cafe run seems to me the plan.  with no particular place to go I ride set Mode 1 run west for 10 miles 15 Km then start to look for a coffee stop.  Its 3pm so many places are closing we go into Teir 4 lock-down from Boxing day so want to make the most.  The town cafes are shut so I end up about 30 Km at a Marina that has its cafe open and order a cappuccino its the same cost as Costa about 6 times a battery charge for the rtn trip. I then head for home refreshed but cold and arrive hove with a round trip of 50Km.  34% left so that's about 70-75 Km range.  I would be happy with that if I could do 40 - 50Km then return home bu I can't charge up easily I need a place to charge at cost some how.?  If I could have a loan battery or a charging point I could increase range actually i could do it perpetually if I could take full batteries at petrol stations.  Sparks are starting to see that actually this Electric power and how it can work it just needs a system of change.