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Error 98, battery replacement?  

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Last 2 months my super soco ts sometimes shut down after flashing code 98. I brought it to the dealer for examination, but they told me everything was fine but that my bike just needed updates. On the ride home it completely shut down and won’t start again. Now theyre telling me the logic board is broken and i need a new battery, which sucks because i own it just a little over a year and they’ve been looking at it for over a month. Have any of you experienced the same? Or do you know what else might be the problem?

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Hello , I have the same problem with my TC.
I wait for 1/2 minutes and restart, it it works .
I realised that it happenps only in gear 2 and 3.
İn the user guide the error is something with the controler.

Did you be able to solve the problem ?