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Soco App in UK

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Hello all

I got my super Soco TC Max a few days ago in UK London. when I try to sync the motorbike with the app this shows me a TS instead of a TC MAX. I can't check the battery level or run a diagnostic test.

Does anyone have the same problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

Many thanks



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Congrats on your new bike!

The app is pretty useless outside of China.  I have the CUx scooter but all I can do is register the bike and set the timezone.  Even at that the timezone will reset to the default mid journey.  

It's disappointing as it could be a very nice feature for the bikes.

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Same for me in Sweden complain to importer and 1 week later i got an update to the app.

But Still i get battery level not showing in App, got it working 2 Times after the update but after that it says it's not connected to the Network stand Still 10 minuters and it Will function.

Timezone resets Direct after i set it.

Cant analyze the bike because it's not online the app tells me.