Super Soco TSX/CPX

Super Soco TSX/CPX  

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Super Soco CPX (125cc):

  • 4 kW bosch motor
  • 171 Nm
  • two removable battery packs of 2.7 kWh (60v - 45Ah)
  • recharge time of 3,3 hours
  • 140 km range (45 km/h average)

Super Soco CPX2
Super Soco CPX

Super Soco TSX:

  • 3 kW bosch motor
  • 140 Nm
  • 1.8 kWh battery (60v - 30Ah)
  • 75 km of range

Super Soco TSX


More photo's will be posted when available!

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So adverts about 2 new models mean in fact just tuning a bit scooter (4kW) and TS (3kW). Not much. I expected more as for EU market it is nothing really usefull. Common... 3kW for TS and new painting... much below expectations and needs.

What would be interesting is upgrade (at last software) for TCmax (as it goes so far below possible power and below real eq. 125 cc) and maybe concept for eq. 250 cc - as there is still market gap for medium e-motorcycles.


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