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Thumb rule for riding mountains  

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Here's a rule of thumb regarding the rage of the Super Soco TC 30 Ah battery when riding in hilly terrain or through mountains:

  1. One battery = 65 km on flat terrain
  2. Two batteries = 130 km
  3. Subtract 1 km from the range for every 60 m uphill
  4. Use Google Maps Bicycle view for calculation of the uphill balance
  5. Change battery at 55%-50% SOC to avoid melted connectors
  6. Keep in mountains at least 15% SOC = 10 km = 1 hour charge
  7. Recharge 10 km/h with standard charger, 20 km/h with two chargers
  8. avoid hills which are steeper than 15% (20% for a very short distance)


This 65 km minus 1 km / 60 m is no rocket science but it works very well!

My TC is mountain tested: for your viewing pleasure 


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I have to add:

  • add 1 km of range for every 160 m altitude downhill
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