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How many duch Riders here?

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Hi! I bought a second-hand TC in December 2020 for a pretty good price. It had only done 750km since May 2019 and included two batteries. I'm in the Hague/Leiden area. So far I really love my Super Soco, but I've also had some issues/questions.

1. Sometimes my indicator says 0% battery, even though the batteries are fully charged. It doesn't want to start unless you "rev" the gas handle a couple of times and quickly pray to the scooter gods.

2. My suspension seems a little "off"... Is there any way I can get it to be a little more forgiving/bouncy when I drive of a curbside?

3. My brakes are very squeeky and my tyres should probably be a little firmer.

4. Have any of you found a good phone holder for navigation that doens't look bad? I'm in dire need of Google Maps while riding.

I'd love to get some tips from the more experienced riders on this forum!

Would you guys recommend going to La Souris for maintenance, or are there any other scooter dealers in the Leiden area that have some experience with these electric ones?

- Merel

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@merel uhm, neh just do it yourself its not that hard. Uhm and i left la Souris hahaha some of your things you can let do at a motorcycle shop. The rest at home. It is realy not that hard!

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Soon to be owner of a tsx red in Oss. Just ordered it a few days ago from La Souris and then saw they got a bad rep on this forum, oops. Couldn't find any other dealers with the red version.

Update: It finally got delivered. And they forgot the helmet and the charger. So I had to wait another week. The bike is great ! I often forget to turn off the blinkers because they make no sound 😬 

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Yesss hello fellow Dutchies

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Also from holland, drenthe to be precise, mine has not much original left anymore, it really drives good now, loads of power, proper braking on the throttle and it sounds like a proper electric motorbike now ;-).

Maintenance, a lot of things can be done as mentioned above by a motorbike shop, electric wise there is nothing to maintain, no moving parts in that mather, and mine has more then 13000 km on the clock and still drives like new, the brakes are a little bit noisy, i read that this is a common thing.

I am not using flux weakening option of my sabvoton controller, then the top speed will go over 80kmh and maybe more, the controller is a good option, I used a kelly before, which gives a very smooth drive and more power then the stock controller but the top speed is exactly the same as stock.  The sabvoton I use now is capable of roasting the hub motor. 


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