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Super Soco CU suspension in general  

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Hi There.

Just recently bought my very own CU and after a 20km test ride i noticed that the seating / body positioning is slightly too back leaning for my taste and the seat itself is quite hard. Im 180cm tall and 72kg

I was wondering to install a additional link to the lower part of the rear shocks in order to get the rear lifted a bit = geometrics would not be so rear oriented. The bolts are 12mm and i think a 10 - 15mm raise would do the trick.

One other option is to lower the front forks from the lower tripleclamps about 10mm.

Otherwise the chassis and handling is drastically improved compared to my current Niu M+ Lite due the larger wheel size and i think the steering head angle is more relaxed with this CU.

Third option would be to do something about the seat. There is not lateral support and design itself is quite flat, so it's generally quite impossible to support your but to the seat properly. This is why i was thinking about the slight lifting from the rear shocks or then i could drop the front in order to achive less rear oriented weight distribution. If anyone has done any of these mods, please let me know!

PS. Remember to check tire pressures frequently. Got mine from the dealer with very low pressures.. Manual said 2.5 bar front and back. I went 3.0 bar rear and 2.7 at the front in order to optimize the rolling resistance 😛 I do know that the original tires are Chinese quality. Might swap the to Heidenau's or similar European tires if these original ones give me too many exciting situations (:

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the seat on the TS is terrible too, and the rear suspension is very floppy, both designed for a generally much smaller Chinese rider, but i'm 6ft 1 and not light 😅


planning on getting a better seat eventually, although tightening up the rear suspension a little helped (i want new suspension eventually) - not sure about CU, but the suspension may be tweekable a little bit


Never ridden a CU, but that style of moped is ridden differently, more upright, than a motorbike style (never liked it myself, i don't feel safe on for eg a vespa, i think i i  just to tall, my center of gravity is off for it)

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I actually find myself sliding forward a lot and am constantly shifting my position on the seat. But I'm not sure I'd like to be stuck to the one position, I think it is better suited to a scooter to have flat and option to sit forward or back. A have a top box fitted and if I have a backpack on i need to shift forward a bit.

I wouldn't have the expertise on how to modify these things. You could possibly get a new seat, try the chinese site (sorry forget its name but it's in the forums somewhere). Theres also a mesh cover that you can get to go over the seat.


Regarding the tyres, what would the best tyres be for this? I find the stock tyres can be too slippery in the wet and cold. But I think being electric it would need to be a fine balance. Not too much traction to slow the bike down. Like electric cars which have eco tyres.