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Battery problem: from 100% to 0% in a few minutes.

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Today, my TC's battery went from 100% to 0% after only riding it for a few minutes. The battery had been in the charger all night. The past couple of days I had noticed the battery percentage was behaving erratically. The battery would be fully charged but after driving it just a few minutes it would drop to 90% after which all would be normal.

But today it went straight from 100% to 0% and the TC cut out. I tried re-seating the battery cable a few times, but that didn't help. At one time I got an error 98, but only once.

I was still able to ride it, albeit at a max speed of 20km/h. Didn't drove it far, only a few hundred meters just so I could park it in a safe place. One thing I also noticed was that it wasn't displaying a temperature bar.

Took the battery out and at home it measured still well over 60V (stupid me doesn't remember exactly how much, but I think it was around 67V). This tells me it should still have at least 80% charge?

So what could be causing this?

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My first guess would be a bad bms.