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I've searched all over but can't seem to find any tutorials (in English) on how to change the grips on the TC?  I see that lots of people have done this mod,  when I attempt to unscrew the Allen key at the bar end it seems like it might just be spinning there. Furthermore it's cheap plastic so I don't want stress it too much and compound the task.   Can anyone offer some insight please? 



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Hi tidy.

You buy motorcycle or moped grips that you want.

Then you remove left side first to se how it goes and how easy / hard it is. Then you need to be more gentle with the right side which is also the gas/throttle side as we don't want to impair and damage it. Same when putting the  new ones on. How I did it on the throttle side was to remove and destroy the old outside rubber on the grip so that only the plastic part was still left on the handlebar. The left side I just pulled out much easier.

To remove a grip you may need some kind of flat tool and oil/ alcohol or soap to make it easier to remove or put on. Maybe there are videos on youtube how to do it.

Good luck



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