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TC :Speed and power decreased after update

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I have found an interesting alternative to my bad TC.

IIt is a yet to be produced Black Tea Moped.

At the moment it is to be crowd funded, each person who registers will pay approximately 2k€, made in Germany so mine will cost 2100€ including delivery; they only need 50 subscribers to start the process.

When the bike is in full production it will cost 3.900€.

Full 1 year, possibly 2 with any faulty parts delivered for self fitting.

If the pics are illegible just Google Black Tea Moped.

Meanwhile I plan to sell my black  TC cheap with various spare parts and upgrades, Pirelli tyres, LSL street bars, folding footrests, gum grips, spare black seat, spare body panels in green. It will be in full working order.

I will post more details at the end of July.


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