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Well I'm Back 600 Mile 1000 Km on The TC Max & Day tour. First 240m only in Eco Mode 1 to answer Range, speed and charge times 99 or 100% charge. 3 legs per day, Day 1 short 90+ Miles start to first stop 21.5 Miles 55% just over 2 hour charge middle stint 46 miles 13% 3.9 hours charge last leg was to Hotel 38 miles 26% got a bit lost and wrong turnings because App was in pushbike mode. Some directions were peddle cycles only, London a lot of cycle only routes. Good lesson and used the app maps much better after this. Sticking to B roads trying to avoid A road dual carriageways and Motorways. Mode 1 is Moped mode so should not be used on motorways. Speedo reads 35 - 38 actual achieving 31 - 34 MPH STD timed and speed gunned This was a true reflection this means more than 10% incorrect reading. When no choice Dual carriageway traffic didn't like it in mode 1. Felt uneasy but determined, I am a Mature Biker and this was the most apprehensive I have been. The middle stint I could not afford to change to Mode 2 anyway as I would not have made my POD point for charging. I left at 0930 and arrived at the hotel and charging by 1930 I was very tired. Range in Eco mode no more than 50 miles 100% to 0% my weight and hills drank more Amps than I calculated. The stops were boring but dry the long stop was near a park where I could use my Tablet. Not all charging stations worked and the Sainsburys in Hayes were very old and had been out of use for over 2 years ? why have them. Tesco Pod points were great available and worked they are also popular so always 2 - 3 bays full that left 1 or 2 plenty for now. I had spent many hours and tests to make this trip, Day 1 was tough. This is Part 1 Day 1 of 7 over the next 7 Days


600 mile 1000Km Day tours, Day 2, having made all adjustments to my maps I have to travel on Fast A Roads NE today but will remain in Mode 1 as I need to reach my destination for charge. This is the longest trip today over 110 Miles 3 legs First leg was only 25 but has 3 Mile where I must use Mode 2 as unsuitable for Moped mode 1. Reached Ikea Totenham off N Circ the charger was not suitable very old charged me £12 after an arduous set-up old software unit was from Nissan no EV charge. Eventually rode to White Heart Lane Totenham football club linked to Sainsburys with pod point charger. Good but 3.25 Hour wait after trying for 1.5 hours to find a working charger. Type 2 charger is from EV-Bitz and has a lock on plug so you can't pull it out cables go into top box. I Lock bike and all gear in locked cover so making it difficult for bad people. Next off to Chelmsford great B roads and slower A roads down to 12% Long stay but a beautiful City parks, shops and charging. Problem after bumps and sleeping policeman rack bent number plate holder and broke welds to top box rack. Solution got a big sports bag put top box and carried it. Next journey Long on fast A road 42 miles so assumed easy. Last 8 Miles at limit of battery, Hills seemed big affect poss plus me carrying top box. Traffic was mostly 90 MPH but all gave me room we might have speed limits but not for Tesla, BMW or Mercs. Last 8 Miles was A14 and a lot more comfortable Batt 22% arrived at Hotel 6%, Straight on charge. Great point the Bike is very comfortable except last leg carrying sports bag. I knew this was the hardest longest day so I except the hardships Mode 1 gives and it is not always the most ECO Mode (More on this Day 5) but today could not risk not making charge I have planed a better route for return journey. Today's recommendation to all EV vehicles; Big Signs to show EV charge points like Petrol stations.


600 Mile 1000Km trip in Day Tours over 7 Days on the SS TC Max, Day 3.  Last Day to destination the purpose is to test all aspects of EV riding on a under capable battery.  The outward journey only uses mode 1 except where it was required by law to not be in Mode 1 Eco or moped mode.  The battery to power is equivalent to 1.5Ltr at best of petrol I have never seen a 125cc fitted with a tank this size.  The Batt is at 100% 70.35 km 42-mile journey to Beccles NE good journey lovely town 90 mins ave speed 27.6MPH (Fastest so Far all in mode 1). Plenty to do Bike Rack is weaker than yesterday needs fix I got DIY gear cut thumb Ouch! Sore thumb, so rode to Destination family fixed rack great and permanent.  Stats for Beccles E to destination 18mile stats outs as forgot to switch off Bike for approx. 2 hours.  388.9Km total Dist 230 Mile 52 hours Inc Hotel and charge times (32 hours no hotel times) ave 7.5 KPH 4.7 MPH.  The worst stats that are accurate is the speedo at 12 – 15% down and 87Mile 147KM at 100% to 0% on speedo actual 53 MPH or 90Kph tested with no luggage or significant hills not considering breaking or my weight over test weight, temp was approx. 12° C.  Tomorrow Café runs and mode 1 – 2 stats in combination. 


600 Mile 1000Km trip in Day Tours over 7 Days on the SS TC Max, Day 4.  All about café runs and pleasure no limits charging places as I can get anywhere with 20% of battery and reach a charge family or Pod Points.  The TC Max is at its best no gear to carry except cables top box now ok and fun.  Mode 2 when in forty-mile limit I only use Mode 3 for important overtakes to prevent traffic clogging.  Mode 2 shows I can reach 52 MPH on speedo but is no more than 44MPH I now know the speedo reads poorly.  10 Mile in Mode 1 & 2 dependant on limits great fun Cars are often subservient when a bike is behind then not knowing that this one cannot just rev up and pass.  Have several stops and visit past places.  Nice and warm weather, coffee at a few stops visit relatives.  All day potter go to the measured mile 1760yds Mode 2 1 Min 34s Just under 45MPH as a boy we used to use this on our Chopper push bikes to see how fast we could go it is completely flat.  Ride round to the seaside Gorleston beech lovely, loads of people on the beach, ice cream and coffee.  The TC Max is the fun bike to have around here not too fast or to far to go to local places.  Plenty of places to charge even just for an Hour top up.  The future if much more battery EVs must improve on charging Pods Type 2 and 3 pin: fast chargers are not required as there are not many long distant jumps in Norfolk.  Only had to charge once from a 3 pin point.

600 Mile 1000Km trip in Day Tours over 7 Days on the SS TC Max, Day 5 The Homeward Journey just a short stay to see family and review TC max now Off.  Sunny Day had some hassle with helmet speakers as could not here directions.  All fixed off on Leg one back to Beccles same directions but mode 2 most of the way.  A series of bends known as Haddiscoe bends are great fun on the Bike feels like you are a Gladiator revolving your sword but leaning the bike.  In no time at Beccles only short charge 1.5 hours I have gained time in comparison to Just mode 1 and  not affected Battery %? Very flat possibly a lot of slight decline stopped good ave, had to fix helmet so its at least 45Kph.  Next Leg a Long leg 45miles so Im going to use mode 2 in mostly downhill and flat use then moderate as distance evolves.  75.3km but average 43.5 KPH good with no loss of battery % as opposed to Mode 1 on way down.  The true average is more like 46Kph great ride good Map run on A road.  Long stop in Bury St Edmonds 14% 40 years since visit here when I was a Sailor, good memories.  Bike at 100% off to Braintree 58Km but faster roads plenty of B roads 83 min to Hotel tired long Day.  Stats were slower I trailed my bag I took to carry back box on way down and trashed it.  This may have affected stats I don’t know how long it was dragging.  Hotel and last leg boring I will avoid this place in the future.  Fact of the day down hill Mode 2 allows motor to free run faster without loss on battery compared to mode 1.  This has increased the Eco performance by about 25% fantastic.  More testing on this as trip develops.

600 Mile 1000Km trip in Day Tours over 7 Days on the SS TC Max, Day 6 with renewed confidence the use of Mode 1 & 2 being perfected will go as fast as I can to next Destination only 24Km but on B roads I’ll have to see what there like.  B roads were bendy and many Roundabouts que’s and stop starts so ave 39 KPH is good stayed in mode 1 until sure of decent run but not many.  One Fast a road 8 Miles mode 2 all the way.  Charged in Chelmsford again tesco good but only 1.5 Hour charge.  Next 52km Run many B roads so didn’t get to test Mode 2 again but still had plenty % left and charged in Sains Totenham again.  Now at rush hour in London on a Thursday good test for changing speed Mode 2 and Mode 2/1 a bit of filtering fleeting through traffic. Like I did as a motor cycle courier 20 years ago.  Great ride cars gave way acknowledge all good cars with thumb up.  On the North Circular and going through Acton, Ealing to Brentford.  Great in your face biking, still made 31KPH over 31Km so 1 Hour beat the satnav that kept offering me different routes thinking I was a car.  Great day the bike is a great in town commuter its thin and quick would if in London have closer mirrors.  70 Km less than yesterday but a great day with an early finish.  I have Zoom meeting with Submarine Association tonight so need beer to start fed and cleaned so early night and fresh for morning. Lesson today when in town use a Super Soco TC MAX.

600 Mile 1000Km trip in Day Tours over 7 Days on the SS TC Max, Day 7 today I have 2 choices Slow route or Fast decided Leg 1 slow and Leg 2 Fast.  Good decision as got all geared up slowly adjusted route to first Woking with helmet speaker not working and off; it started to rain!. No! not planned ok I’ll ride on its bound to stop, No! nonstop to Woking wet, wet, wet. Then set for Guildford as could not find Pod Point slow boat to china breaks awful back break only front slid and stayed upright around round a bouts 10KPH.  Sat nav good but had to look as speaker worked but very faint.  50Km 27KPH shows the care I had to take.  Brought rainproof with me but did not use on this leg ??? yea ok I agree.  The only time I had rain still safe and a good journey reached Tesco Guildford POD Point.  3.5 hour charge why cause I forgot to unlock type 2 charger its great having a lock but if you don’t unlock it does’nt charge.  So hour later app showed no increase and unlocked un plugged and reset charge OK 2.5 hours later still raining 100%. Put on Full wet weather gear and Mode 2 dash to Petersfield only 36KM uphill downhill through tunnel all at MAX came off road with intention of slow route but went back on fast A road 45kph but more like 55KPH with slow detour and stop.  All told good run stopped raining as reached Petersfield and back on charge at Tesco Pod point.  Parked next to a brand new Peuheot EV 208 he did not have a clue needed App how to charge or anything.  I was pleased to help but how poor sales staff.  In the end I used my pod point for his car as well, he didn’t have a internet phone.  The last leg Home I had done several times before testing for this trip so it was easy.  Home with a bit under 1000Km but an increase in performance of about 20% using mode 1&2 effectively up long hill mode 1 the at apex Mode 2 glide down and keep on to ½ way up next hill mode one or if at brow stay in Mode 2 and so on no loss of battery 50% average speed inc. when added to mode 1 20% better than Mode 1 only.  So mode 1 is not Eco mode it is Moped mode Mode 1 & 2 at best points is eco performance mode. Do not use mode 1 on motorways or restricted traffic areas please. 

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Wow what a adventure.. fair play to you for undertaking that! 

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What connection are you using to charge in tesco?