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Buy TC Max Battery and get Speed-up Controller and Fast Charger Free.

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Vivian Mu
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Hello my friend,
This is Vivian from Wuhan Woodniu Technology Co., Ltd.
Our company produces Super SOCO TC/TS/TC Max large capacity batteries.
The TC Max battery is now in the Christmas Carnival:
Buy the battery and get the controller and charger free.
Let me introduce the TC Max battery to you:
1. Use the Tesla battery supplier-CATL large monomer battery to make the battery. 
    High-quality battery cells determine safe batteries.

2. Using Ant BMS, the smart protection board gives you real-time data monitoring.

3. It is fully compatible with TC Max, and the meter has no error report.

4. Compatible with original APP, real-time data display.

5. Larger capacity gives you more autonomy. 140Km with 45km/h

6. 18 months warranty, so you no longer worry about quality problems. 
   If there is any quality problem within 18 months, we will send you a new battery     for free.

7. Special channels for battery transportation, no longer worry about customs fees.
    The logistics company will pay customs fees.



8. With fast charger, no longer waiting for charging time. 3-12A adjustable charger.

9. With speed-up controller, let you have a faster speed experience.
Our TC Max battery comes with a 72300 controller by default. 
If you have special requirements, please contact customer service.
If your speed is 70km/h, you can use the 72300 controller, then you will get a speed of 90km/h.
If your speed is 90km/h, you can use the 72360 controller, then you will get a speed of 110km/h.
If you have other accessories needs or any doubts, you can contact me at any time.
Phone: +86 177 6401 0338
WhatsApp: +86 177 6401 0338
Looking forward to your reply!
Have a nice day!
Best regards, Vivian
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Any thoughts on this from other TC max users?


Looks great

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Vivian, for TSX do you do something similar?

with mine I can reach 75km/h in a few situations


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Vivian Mu
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Hello my friend,
I'm very happy to have received your response!
Friendly reminder: 75km/h has enough speed.
We have a controller that can increase the speed of TSX, but because TSX's own cable has limited the current that can pass, if you want to increase your speed, you must replace the entire car's cable to ensure that your car will not be damaged.

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I don't have any experience with their batteries but I have ordered from Woodniu before. They have helpful technical support and have always delivered so far. Delivery times can be a bit long but it's the same for anything coming from China.