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Do we have more range and battery capacity than we think?

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Hi all, I'm new here. Thankyou for all the wealth of knowledge that is already up here!

I have just bought a used 2019 SS TCMax for £2200 with just over 2k on the clock which i'm really happy with. It's got a few little issues that some others mention on this forum (Range/voltage readout jumping to 0 randomly and bit of a dodgy hall sensor i think). Anyway my question is:

On two occasions i have run my bike about 46 miles on mode 3 (being limited quite frequently by traffic and speed limits so not flat out) and i end up with about 4 miles predicted range and 9% battery left.

When i check the voltage with a voltmeter i get a reading of 69.4 which according to the 72v soc tables online should actually be 39%.

Is this just SS playing it safe?

Will the bike keep going beyond 0% if the battery still has a safe voltage?

Does anyone know what voltage the controller cuts off the power?


Am i right in thinking that we should be able to safely take this battery down to 64.8v which would be 20% without doing any damage?

The voltage tables do say that realworld batteries may behave a bit differently in terms of percentage dropoff.

I have attached the 72v soc tables.


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You’ll get voltage sag at lower voltage under load which will give you different readings than just unloaded sitting voltage.