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How to keep charger always with you 🙂

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Hi there. 

If my waranty is gone. Ik Will try to dismantle a charger and try to build it into the bike. So you only have pull out the supply cord. 

Ik would like to rebuild it underneath the seat so you still have some space under the lid. 

My only concern is heat dissipation .

But with some extra cool Fins it it a fan it should work. 



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@stikmetaal TC Max no longer comes with 5amp charger or charger tray, 10amp charger as standard which no longer fits above battery.

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@stikmetaal Have you tried this? I was thinking along the same line. If there is enough room under the seat it makes way more sense to connect the charger there and have a regular 220v weatherproof socket on the frame, instead of how they designed it which basically just extends the battery connector and leaves your charger vulnerable.

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