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Rear Light/Plate Holder

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Hi, does anybody have a spare or available or know where to get a replacement rear light unit for a tc max asap? Due to me having one from new and it got damaged due to number plate constantly hitting it. I had to put my number plate under my shad box as my orignal plate holder snapped off due to the box hitting the number plate & holder. Then I got a replacement after waiting a few weeks and fitted it I thought it was all good and changed the position of my plate to under the brake light and attached it to the light unit. Had it in for a couple of days all fine, then I went over a pothole without realizing before it was too late, which I noticed it had slightly cracked the light unit by the screw. So I thought it would ride to get home, but when I got home the unit/plate was gone. So I retraced my journey and I found it in pieces as somebody had run over it in error. So I now with a rear light unit again and my bike is my only form of transport. I also have a shad box on the back of my bike. So I am also open to other ideas where or different types of brake units and plate holder.

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Well that's me not buying the Shad carrier, seems a tail tidy should come with it. Any after market rear led light cluster will work. 

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Hi Andy

The part number you need is 33700-QSM-C010-M1. This is the complete tail light assembly. Order it from

I have also seen them on, but not on AliExpress.

NOTE  has Excell sheets of parts you can order:

Good luck, and ride helmet side up!