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Selecting park when going down hill

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I commute on a merry go round I live on top of a hill I then go down and run on a flat and then go up a hill its a big hill about 3 miles 4.8 Km to my work not to steep but almost half of my run.  Up in mode 2 no problem 40 MPH limit so have no issue.  Going down from work it is just down hill On my push bike I get to about 30 MPH + have seen 36 the TC Max flies i don't use throttle except to start from work.  If I started went to 40 MPH and put the parking switch on would I just free wheel to the end which traffic lights control me from here.  My real question is will I do the motor harm by leaving in mode 3 and selecting park? would I save Battery? and is it worth it?