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Super soco App

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Hi there !

I didnt found any topic around this, so i opened this one.

Since o bought my tc max im not able to use the app, it didnt recognize my imei.

Ive contact the seller and they told me super soco and vmotors are separating from each other, and thats why i cant use my imei. They told me to wait..

Does anyone knows anything about this ?


Thnaks for the help !

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Billy Bob
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If they told you to wait perhaps they are working on the App software to allow new owners to "bind" as they call it.  Because as you have found only the user whose phone number is registered can "un-bind" to allow the new user to do his thing.

It's a big security risk for the new owner that needs attending to by Vmoto.

BTW the subject it has been on here before, somewhere.



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A mi me funciono la app "vmoto" durante una semana en España ahora ya no funciona la moto tiene un mes.