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TS with TC-max motor

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There are some TC-max motors available online to buy but cost is around 750 euro in total sourced from scrapyards in the UK. 

My questions here is can I just make room for a TC-max motor and put the motor in my TS-frame

Does the rear arm where my rear wheel is work or do I need TC-max parts rear arm.

Of course I need a new rear wheel and belt cogs. 

If you know, have you tried a TS or TC controller with the TC-max motor?

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Anything is possible, and as an engineering exercise it would be interesting.

I believe you will need a TC Max swing arm or too modify the TS one as the belt is tentioned by adjusters that slide the rear wheel backwards and forwards in the swingarm.

To the best of my knowledge the TC or TS controllers will run the motor just fine, it might need to be tuned (parameters adjusted) to make it work well.

With the lower voltage used on the TC/TS the performance will be at best the same as with the stock motor. I actually suspect it would be worse, at least on acceleration, if the stock TC MAX pulley ratio was used.

To get increased performance you would need to up the voltage and amp hours of the battery pack, at which point you would also need a different controller.

Like I say an interesting project, if you do go this route, do keep us updated.

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I remember I read somewhere motor speed won't be the same as the rpm difference is significant.

I ran TC controller on my TS. Just plugged in no change in anything. Everyhing works. 

I will keep this upgrade on hold as it requires kinda a house and garage and my other options is also to just get a used tc-max.

Thanks for the info. They look pretty much the same these bike, but it is in the details like the swingarm.

I use my own build non-original battery at (18s and around 25p 10a rated cells) 75v fully charged. JK BMS installed for charging purpose only at max 40a. Controller is TC with shunt mod to increase amps from 0 to 88km/h which is the display max speed on ground. Max up a steep hill may be 70-80, I haven't really tested.

So performancewise it is a monster but a TC-max with same mod would be even more powerfull I think.

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I think the more simple with no very big problems or risks is to buy the tc max, and change the front headlight, the back frame for seat and the seat and change the plastic parts if you want a color différent that the tc max.

For exemple the tc max had a protection for belt an it's fixes on the arm, and the wheel has a mobility on the axe for tension of the belt, not possible with the ts arm. The break disks of tc max are perfored (not ts) maybe brakes are différents.

The ts has smaller tires that the tcmax. And maybe change engine by tc max engine (125cc, 5000W) had repercutions for insurance...

To many modifications for changing power of ts.

I had the ts before the tc max (just 2 weeks because not many power). The frame looks like same for ts, tc and tc max but i don't verify the support for engine.