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Why give us so many incorrect stats ?

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I know no speedo is 100% accurate, and all motor company's have a 10% tolerance, but 20% is far too much, and it seems they do this on purpose so they can claim a higher top speed...

Im 9st and 5ft 8", so not a big guy, i use my phones GPS which is accurate

Mode 1 is 29mph on GPS but showing 35mph on the bike <<<20% out
Mode 3 is 49mph on GPS but showing 59 mph on the bike <<<20% out

Also claiming 172Nm of torque is so wrong too, the motor is actually producing 12.9Nm of torque, but the ratio to pulley size (i guess) goes to 172Nm, but thats the rear pulley size, no one uses that as a spec, theres a 600 equivalent e-bike that stats as having 225Nm, because its using the motor spec.

I rode in mode 1 only, took it easy, a few small hills, i got 41 miles on my GPS before my battery turned off at 0%, wheres this 60 miles claimed, i wonder if thats got anything to do with the speedo being 20% out ?

I must say im not that impressed so far, the build quality isnt great, the battery cover doesnt stay open, seems the spring isnt working as it should, so its hard to keep the lid open whilst turning a key and holding a thick cable and lifting the battery out, this seems way harder than it needed to be...

I really wanted to like and enjoy this bike, but feel ive fallen for false advertising, at least with ICE bikes/cars you know where you stand, all these different specs for E bikes and they seem to have the freedom to give us false information or just find the highest spec and go with that.

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i've noticed the same thing with the spedo also it seems my top speed is only 55mph