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Can I upgrade the TS1200 FOC control unit to a TC or TC Max FOC controller to improve performance?

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Does anybody know if you can improve the performance of the TS by upgrading the controller to a TC or TC Max controller? Has anyone done this and does it work?



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The TC controllers i would expect to have some locks which might prevent this


there are other options though, baring in mind the power (current) limits of the battery


this is not a straight forward conversion tbh


my plan to convert TS is 3 stages


first i am building a super capacitor rig (in process now), which will give me 40Ah, that should allow me to remain closer to the 69.7V max for longer (all my current journeys), aswell as super fast charge times - so acceleration should remain peak most of the time 


2nd stage is a replacement for the control, i am currently looking at the Kelly controller - plan is to increase the Voltage to the stock motor, slightly, and only for acceleration (approx 10-20s) - plan is not to increase the top speed, but only increase acceleration



assuming i can get the bike certified and insured at that point...


3rd stage will be to change the motor - a much bigger job, and will require me to upgrade my licence, we'll see


should have capacitor rig built by August ✌️