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TS Lite Y Cable and 2 stock batteries  

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I bought my used SC TS lite late December and while browsing this forum i saw the Y Cable and dual battery modding and i had the shop that sold me the bike mod it for me. The Y Cable was RMB 250 (used) and the second battery RMB 2000 (also used). Since then i have been using this modded setup and beside a few quirks it has been running flawlessly. I get error 94 on the display sometimes but the bike runs well anyway, i have some throttle lag sometimes but not that often. I mostly charge the bike in the garage and i haven´t taken the batteries out since then, i use the charging port on the side of the bike. My daily commute is 8 km one way, takes me about 15 minutes in gear 3 at 60 km\h. Daily i do about 24 km in total, so i charge the bike 3 times a week from about 15% to 95% with a 6 to 9 hours with a charger timer. 

In my commute sometimes i feel that in traffic i would need the bike to be a bit faster because i commute on the ring road and if the bike could reach 70 km\h it would be perfect.I would like to ask the community if there's anything i can do to achieve that goal.

I would like to keep the look of the bike as close to the original as possible, to keep it low key specially for the traffic police 😉

Here are the photos of the modding:

IMG 20200108 112922
IMG 20200108 114027
IMG 20200108 114432
IMG 20200108 114722
IMG 20200108 115609
IMG 20200108 115734
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hi friend did you install rear rack thingy after or it came with the ts lite?