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Cpx added 2nd battery, 1 runs low, not switching to 2nd?

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Hi, bought Cpx 7/2022 with 1 battery. Just added 2nd battery, and A and B are shown on dashboard. I dont understand how the Cpx uses the Battery's. At first it uses battery A, and % stayed at 100%. Today it started uaing battery A, then in the afternoon 2nd trip, it started using battery B. This one is now almost empty, slowing down the Cpx, while Battery A is stil at 63% (bars showing correct)

What do i do wrong? Can i switch between battery A & B or is it suppossed to level equally? Cant find it in the manual. Any help would be much appreciatie. 

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Hy, yup the display show confuseing date of the battery .... by my cpx  If u use 2 batteries it show the state of the batteries with the most power in percent. So battle a can have 45 % b full and it shows 100% equal the u drive with a.

So my cpx if both batteries are full start with Batteries A until 30% then reduce outpower to maybe 75%

by 20% akkupower it switch to b.

Then by the same by 30% →75% output

If both batteries are by 20% it drive with both batteries at the same time. Until emty.

The cpx will start discarging with the battery a or with b if b is not full. ( if u charge only a)

I should come a update which will change the battery using but i ddon't have it.


Manually u can't change it.