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Quad battery CPX trip

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A little while ago I acquired two more batteries for my twin battery CPX, I figured would be handy for longer rides. The plan was to have one of the batteries sat in the tunnel between your feet, and I’d started fabricating a base for this, and whilst the battery fits there fine, it has to be tilted forward and then somehow supported from falling forward when riding, because of this, I didn’t yet finish fabrication, so housed both batteries in a bag on the pillion seat. I want on a ride yesterday, it was around 3c, all batteries pre-warmed in the house overnight. The ride was on mixed roads with typical speeds of 40mph, including 22 miles of motorway at 50mph, the actual average speed was a little over 35mph with lots of starting and stopping in towns. Total distance was 137 miles at which point all batteries were almost completely depleted, and the total distance could not have been more than 140miles without recharging. The handling of the bike feels similar to having a passenger on, parking needed to done carefully on the side stand or more ideally on the centre stand. At one point, to swap the batteries over, I made the mistake of removing the main bike batteries first, and the bike started to fall over towards me, due to the weight high up on the pillion seat ! An interesting experiment… but not particularly practical