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Drestrict does NOT work on TSX confirmed.

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Hey Guys! 


Posted awhile ago that i could not derestrict my TSX. Emailed VMOTO and finally got a response. They state that the regular method of derestricting does NOT work on TSX models. They also said they wont tell me what method does work... i'll try my dealer and see if i can get him to derestrict my bike. 

So be aware, if you buy the new TSX. It cant be derestricted. (Sad crying noises) 

I'll update if i find a fix.


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Bad news. Please keep us up to date 🙂

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Thanks for the update

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It’s strange statement, since my TsX is de-resticted in a same way as TS.

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@cheesurfer Hi!

How did u manage to derestrict your TsX?

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My 6 month old TSX has the new firmware update so can't be derestricted the same way with the throttle, it does seem to have made a difference after a few times, I've had 36mph out of it, but it's really inconsistent, the throttle seems to have a mind of its own whether it will go full power or not.

I'm sure there must be another way to derestrict other than having the firmware backdated but the dealers I've contacted seem to be uninterested. I'm sure we'll get there eventually, it's just annoying if there's an easy way we don't know about..


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