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TS Street Hunter charging question.

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Hi everyone. Just purchased a TS Street Hunter, single battery. I have an issue, regarding the battery and charging, that will probably sound weird.   

I’ve tried to charge the battery externally, following the instructions, but the charger was flashing green-red. Opened the battery compartment and there are two sets of cables: a single plug that was plugged in the battery and a double plug cable not connected.

Called the reseller and he claims that I have to Unplug the single plug cable form the battery and connect the two-plug battery cable to be able to charge, and after the battery is charged, I have to switch back the plugs for the bike to run. This sounds a little unorthodox and unpractical. Also, in the user manual there is no such thing mentioned.

I would like to have some feedback from someone that has the same model or is a reseller because something is fishy here...

Thanks in advance.


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@theotetm one of the cables is a transport cable and only there to keep the battery topped up during shipping. Remove it and toss it. The other one connect up and leave for good, it’ll allow you to now charge externally. Look up the same issue people had with tc max. There’s plenty of info on here regarding the transport cable. Your reseller is clueless 

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@lhk Thank you much for the prompt reply. I will research and hope to figure it out.

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