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Error code 98 -then shutdown?

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Hi, I have started getting the error code 98 (The controller stops working (possibly over current,blocking, under pressure, over temperature), and then the bikes shuts off completely while driving. Very dangerous in while driving in the dark... 

I suspect it is a safety shut down, but don't know and what causes it. Maybe bad battery, short circuit or .... ? 
Have any of you guys had a similar experience or/and have any suggestion on what to do? 

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I have this problem with my TSX and I suspect it's connected to a bad contact on the battery cable, I've already melted two connectors

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I get it too but I use very high power. First time I got it after my fuse tripped. Another time it was raining very very much  and yesterday I got it after 5 minutes of high power max continous usage. I know that my main connection is a little weak but it should act like this as the rest of the system has no resistance. I use 10 / 12 AWG series and 0 / 1 for main positive and negative wire to battery.


It throws the error code 98. I rrlease throttle and then my throttle responds to input and my bike is still on and working so no lose of controll but I as well don't want this to happend.

The manual doesn't tell much about it as it just says contact dealer for that error code.

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I'm having a similar problem on a cpx.Did you end up getting it fix?

On my cpx shows engine, battery and warning light but shows 90 instead of 98. Sometimes I can keep riding if I let go of the throttle but need to go very slowly. Other times it just shuts off

Very dangerous to shut off on busy roads or roundabouts.