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Brake calliper replacements

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I've been riding my TC for a couple of years now, nearing the 9000Km mark.
From week one the front brakes have been less than ideal. It's dragging but uneven.
Every time I visited the shop for maintenance I complained about them he lasered them out and promised me they were perfect, and a little bit of drag is normal on bikes.

It has only gotten worse and louder, I can't reach top speed anymore, I have to clean the breaks out weekly, but even that only lasts about a day and a half.

I believe the pistons themselves have a lot of friction (rust?) that prevents them from retracting easily. I can often barely spin the wheel by hand, this is a safety issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a complete brake overhaul? I want to enjoy my bike.

I've looked through different threads on the forum before, and found a similar issue:

I'd love to try this solution out but since replacement disks are currently out of stock I thought I'd ask and see if there is a different brand / solution that I should consider first.


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It will fail it's road test (MOT in the UK) with sticking brakes. I have a bandit that suffers the same when the bike hasn't been used for a while. I replaced the pistons which helped a lot. Caliper rebuilds are fact of motorbikes unfortunately.