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No throttle response after full stop

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Hello everyone, 


Recently I bought a 2019 Super Soco TC with 7000km/ 4500mi.

The idea was that with the simple design and few critical parts, there is not much that could go wrong.

Now I get a feeling that the parts that actually matter, are not the best quality, so they might break more often than they should.


As you might have guessed, I already encountered my first issue with my TC:

Everything works fine (throttle response is somewhat aggressive, but I don't know if it is supposed to be like that), until I get to a full stop.

- acceleration is how it should be

- regen is how it should be

- all the lights work

- no errors on the display 


When I come to a full stop, everything keeps working, except the throttle. No errors shown, the 'READY' light is on, but no throttle response.

When I reboot the system, everything works perfectly fine until the next full stop. Then I have to reboot again.


As far as I know, the following things have changed:

- a bigger battery (Super Soco 60V43AH) has been placed

- throttle (buttons) has been replaced. The throttle itself as well, but I put the old throttle back in because of this problem.


My question is: has anyone encountered this same problem and are there any tips on what to look for?

The local shop doesn't work on Super Soco anymore so, no help from there. I am however able to get the parts (at least I think so)


I'm open for any upgrades to make the bike more reliable and increasing range.

It is a commuter bike, so reliability, ease of use and cost of ownership are most important to me.

I'm open for programmable hardware, but don't really care about power or speed increase.




Update 24-01-13:

I solved the problem by using the original battery. I don't know why the bigger battery gives this problem, but I'll open it up to see if there are any loose connections, or if I can find other issues with the battery. 

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If your 43AH battery is an aftermarket part, could be a mismatched or faulty BMS, might be worth contacting the Battery Supplier/manufacturer...