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Super Soco TC ECU upgrade

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as what I have seen newer models of TC don't allow unlocking of max speed. And the only way I saw to get the maximum speed out of it is by getting new ECU. I am aware that connectors can melt, etc. But I'm kind of confused on which ECU to buy. I saw that sabvoton is more popular/reliable. And one of the models that I saw was MZ7280, you can configure your amparage in the settings. But I think it's a bit overkill, since TC motor's max rated power is 3kW, and I only need about 40amps instead of 80. Is there another controller that would be cheaper, and would meet my requirements ? 72 Volts and 40 Amps. I saw a SVMC7260 Model, but I don't think it's compatable with TC.

Any ideas ?