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Hello all,

I’ve now done 61 miles on my new TSX. Mainly the same short route to and from work which includes two steep hills. I have the app linked up and can see all my routes and the GPS and GSM has full signals in my garage. I can see from the privacy statement that Super Soco use the GPS location data and speed traveled back at their servers in Frankfurt.

Today on my way to and from work the power is noticeably different. I can now keep the power on past the restricted 30mph. In general it’s not cutting the power as it has done since I got it. It sort of feels like it's been de-restricted but I've not made any changes.

Is it possible that the firmware can be upgraded remotely? Or was there a 50 mile running in period?

Is there a way to know the firmware version?

It’s still slow up the steep hills - slowing to 19mph with full throttle - but that's probably because I need to loose some weight 😉

Any thoughts on this appreciated.