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[Solved] Installation battery paralleler  

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In this tutorial I will tell you people how to install the y cable/ battery paralleler.
First of all you need to remove the side panels of your Super Soco with the three bolts. Remember remove the panel from the top. 
(if you think you don't have enough room to work with remove the side pods etc. too)
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After you did that you need to get the cable that's on the right side of your Super Soco to the left side of your Super Soco, this will be the place where the paralleler will be.
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After that you need to make a hole in one of the support structures of the plastic where the batteries will be, those holes will be for the cables.
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After you did that feed the cables through the holes and check if everything is right.
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If you have checked that, feed the third cable to the back of the scooter to the charging point. Pull the cable that is now in the charging point out of the connector. Put the new connector from the parraleller into the connector.
(red line new cable, green one old cable)
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After you did all the cable work you need to get double sided tape to tape the paralleler to the scooter.
(red cables the new cables, green cable old cable)
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After you did all these steps you should be good to go! Just put the bodywork back on and have fun!