Control over my CPX
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Control over my CPX

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Hello, I am Jan,

I bought a new CPX with a restriction to 45km/h (gps-speed)
(49Km on display) Netherlands Yeah..

I would like to have more control

1st: I would like to change the speed to gps speed 55kmh (60kmh on display)

2nd: The throttle is reacting verry nervous, almost like an on/of switch. Is it possible to program it to your own settings? When the bike is on a stand the engine throttle works fine from 0-100% (free run, no resistance) But when i am on the bike (on the street) the control with resistance is rubbish, it is verry hard to trottle it to a lower speed without the on-of feeling.

3d: Ik would like to buy the SuperSoco software and te program cable, where can i buy it?

A lot of questions, perhaps kan somone help me.
Thanks in advance