CPX Batterie. Dead.
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CPX Batterie. Dead.

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hello to all. After charging the accu‘s I was reinstalling them. One may have gotten a knock. The battery is now dead. Only one recognized. How do recover the function?  BMS Reset?  Completed a few try’s but it is still dead. Inside the Volts read 70 V. Outside 0v

any ideas would be great 



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How many kms do you have ?

My CPX started to have a bad connection to the batteries due to the connectors started to get corroded inside.

this happened to me around 100000Km (I have 3 batteries, so it’s around 33000Km on each battery.

The plugs were exchanged under warranty and it’s working fine again. 
I’ve made 30000Km more and 0 issues until now!