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use the main battery as Powerbank

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Hej Guys, is there an option to use the main Batteries as a Powerbank or even better as an power house for emergencies?

i hope you have some ideas.
with best regards

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Not sure on the CPX battery but on the TC its just a 60v Lithium Battery so if you get a plug to go into it from Aliexpress say you can connect it into any 60v comptible system to get whatever output you want.


If you wanted use a USB powerbank then you just need a DC to DC converter to get the 5v or 12v output to wire up a USB port, if you wanted to power appliances you would need to find an AC inverter that works with 60volts, saldy most grid tie and off grid inverters tend to be on 48v systems.

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@electrochris a question, I found a 12v source from the lights and connected a 12v to 5v adapter, however the output (in Amp) seems to be so low that it cannot deal with a dashboard camera. Can you really charge a mobile with a 12v to 5v USB adapter?


Many thanks!

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easy. just get a DC-DC converter to any desired voltage, or DC-AC inverter to produce single phase ac. the battery cuttoff current is 90A (let's say 85 to be safe) on the 60V so you are looking at over 5kW possible output

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this guy does just what you want

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