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What is CPX full/empty in % SOC ?

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I know that this doesn’t really matter, but someone technical may just know (or have measured) but I’ll typically use one battery or the other for my day to day riding, and I use a plug timer to add just what I need for the next day, thus I’m using the 50-75% range of one battery… which I know batteries like. For me, it’s easy, not an issue, it makes me happy that I’m caring for my battery rather than constantly leaving two batteries at 100% for much of every night. Which leads me to wonder, is 100% actually 100% (or however many volts that measures) or has some buffer been allowed to enable a bit more lifespan (in expense of range) from the battery ?

I know you can work this out using spec from the battery, however perhaps it has more capacity than stated ?


my Vauxhall Ampera has a 16kwh battery, allowing use of only about 10.5kWh. This way only around 20% - 80% SOC is available to use (obviously shows full/empty on the dashboard…. But really it’s meaning 80%-20% at the battery)


just wondered if there’s anything over and above what we see as 100% SOC, put there by the manufacturer to help reduce stress on the charged battery ?