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New CUX Owner - Newcastle, England

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Hi everyone,

I'm Lee and I recently bought my Super Soco CUX from Mo-Tech in Byker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne as a commuter for work.  I do a little over 16 miles return journey 3 times a week so it is perfect for that as well as short trips around the area to see family, friends etc.  I've added a Shad bracket and a 29 litre top box to store my helmet, gloves, lock etc.  I've also customised the front with an image of a badger (everyone has called me that since high school pretty much 25 years ago), who knows, it might get people talking as I'm riding by or while its parked at the shops. 

IMG 20210913 141526

Overall I love the bike, it is so much fun to ride, very comfortable and handles really well.  The performance is good, it has plenty of pulling power to get away from junctions or roundabouts especially when the battery is fully charged.  I do notice this drops a bit as the battery depletes.

The battery range is just OK I would say, I generally get around 25-30 miles doing 28-30mph on setting 3 all of the time.  I don't get anywhere near the 40 miles I thought I would, I assumed I'd get at least 2 return trips to work and back on a charge but it goes down to around 40% after one 16 miles return journey.  Maybe if I crawled around at 20mph I would get the range, but this is never going to happen!  In future it would be great to see a bike this size with a  range of around 80-100 miles.  I'm sure that day will come.

On a slightly negative note I do have an issue with GPRS low voltage error notifications on the app.  Super Soco have advised me to book it in for a replacement ECU at my local dealers, this is scheduled for November so hopefully that will resolve the issue.

I'm hoping to be a regular visitor and contributor to this forum and would like to hear from other CUX owners with any issues, advice, ideas for mods etc.

Take care.


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Welcome Lee, mod number one needs to be derestrict it if you can! 35 is a lot better than 28-30..

I heard on some of the newer super socos you can't derestrict but not sure if this applies to the cux.