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New to the TC

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Hi Everyone - thanks for this forum, its been great to read through as I prepared to get my TC.

I've got a second and bike and am happy with it - already looking at the Max and wondering!!


A couple of questions. 

1) My rear seat frame is rusty (surface rust) so my plan is to remove it and get it powder coated.  The outside bolts are easy and I'm sure I'll work out what I need to remove under the seat, but I thought I'd check if anyone has done this and documented it.

2) I seem to have a small intermittent problem.  As Im riding along - its almost as is there is a fault in the throttle and it loses connection.  Only for a second or couple of more - I lose power.  The display shows I am ready.  Has anyone else had this problem.  I was thinking of taking it apart and cleaning it - or getting a new one - but has anyone else had this?

3) My bike only came with one key (which in our house is disastrous!)  Has anyone tried getting a second (and transmitter) - I'm presuming it expensive!

Thanks for any wisdom

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Hi and welcome

It looks like you bought a TC with the old software on the controller. Or at least a first batch controller. That's why you have the gap on power sometimes. You can find a lot of info about it on this forum or on the Facebook group. Basically it's a bizare feature programmed to regenerate the battery when braking on the engine. However it causes a powergap and is (in my view) very ennoying. You could look arround for a new controller or try to update the software.

As for the second key, you shoud check with the seller because the Soco's always have two keys. I'm not sure if you can just  get a second one because they are linked to the alarm system. Check with your dealer (if you have one nearby)

Apart from that: Have fun and enjoy. Drive safely