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1] Bikes produced before Q2 2022 have Supersoco ECU installed[optional !]. 
2] Bikes produced after Q2 2022 have VMOTO ECU installed [also optional].
3] The Supersoco ECU needs Supersoco App
4] The VMOTO ECU needs VMOTOSoco or VMOTO App [2024].
5] The Supersoco app platform is no longer supported[server down since nov.2023]. Also 3g ECU's are no longer supported because it's shut down by network providers. 3G ECU's can be identified by IMEI number 035xxxxxxxxxxxx
6] Bikes IN WARRANTY  and dealer maintained can get a free VMOTO ECU update. 
7] Bikes OUT OF WARRANTY and dealer maintained need to buy a new contract [around 120 Euro, 2 year], and get a VMOTO ECU for free.[only if bike is originally equipped with Supersoco ECU].
8] VMOTO ecu's can be recognized by IMEI 8654160350 360 370 -->>
9] The IMEI  is a 15 digit code can be found on the ECU data module, or in the user manual. 
10] If you find  your ECU has -NULL at the end of the part number, it's not a GPS ecu. It's just a datalogger required by euro 5 regulations.
11] A GPS ECU can be retrofitted if your bike does not have one.
12] Super Soco no longer exists, the brand[name] is owned by VMOTO now. 
13] Contact your official VMOTO dealer. If they won't help you, blame and shame them, then  contact your local importer.
14] Blame yourself if your bike is not dealer maintained and your claim is declined.
15] The VMOTOsoco app will be replaced by the VMOTO app early 2024[already available] 
16]If your VMOTOsoco or VMOTO app stops receiving data, check the green LED on your ECU. The LED should blink shortly once every 3 seconds if connected to a cellular 4G network. If green LED is ilumminated continously with short intervals, no connection is present to 4G network. 
17] As per may 2024 the VMOTO App [2024 version] supports in-app contract renewal. A Credit card is required. Activation of the contract will take 10-15 workdays.