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Quick restrict/derestrict?  

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My daughter bought a used TC a few days go, As it turns out, it has been derestricted. Where I live (Holland), if the police catch you with a scooter that can go faster than 45 km/h (28 mph), even if you yourself are abiding the speed limit, you get a big fine and the scooter itself gets some kind of registration making it harder to sell in the future.

But since scooters are not allowed on bicycle lanes, they have to be on the same roads as faster (car) traffic. In fact, most of the roads in our neighborhood are 60 km/h roads so it's actually a lot safer to go a bit faster than the allowed 45 km/h...

I know how to restrict it again, but it's a process that takes at least 30 seconds.

For (derestricted) gas scooters, you can buy a piece of electronics that will restrict the speed instantly by pressing a button on a remote control. So when you are pulled over, you can push the button on the remote and the police will never find out the scooter can actually go faster than 45 km/h.

Now does something like that exist for the Super Soco (TC)? Or is there any other way to quickly restrict the speed?

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