Sleep mode battery?
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Sleep mode battery?

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Hi Everyone, 

I am new here. Just bought a used TC and it came with 2 batteries. Drove it home fine but when I swapped the second battery in I realized its not working. The charger just stays green showings its either full or not connected at all. 

Previous owner had the bike in the his garage unused for 3 years, so I am assuming from what I have read that this has fallen below the required voltage and is in "sleep mode".

How do I attempt to wake it up? Will leaving it on the chargers for a few days help or do I need a special charger?

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You can't, you will need to bring it to a SuperSoco dealer. 

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Hi, did you solve the problem? 

Hi people. My first post in this Forum. I have a Super Soco 60V 26Ah battery that I just balanced and charged. I’m reading the voltage between positive terminal and B- and reads 70.5V but to P- reads 70.2Volts. When I try to discharge, the P- and Positive voltage drops to 10-12V and obviously doesn’t discharge. I think is something related to the BMS. I tried the basic steps to reset it but didn’t work.

Can someone help me please?