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Super Soco in court - dealer had to pay full refund to customer  

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I bought a brand new Super Soco TC + one extra battery in august 2018 from a local dealer. Before the purchase I was told that an app would be released later that year.  After 3 days of riding I called my dealer and told him I found following defects:

  1. When i let go of the gas handle the charging symbol starts to blink and there is no power. It stays 3-5 seconds then I am able to gas again. (happened on both batteries)
  2. LED-display defects (the left side of the display was blinking)
  3. Gas handle loose
  4. Scratches on the tank and the side mirrors
  5. Foot peg on passenger side defect

After consulting with the dealer he would find me another TC and pick up the defect one. After a few weeks I finally got my second TC. I was very happy! But the joy ended abruptly. After a few days of riding my brand new TC I discovered following defects:

  1. Blue tooth Connectivity module on TC is missing
  2. QR code for App is missing
  3. When i let go of the gas handle the charging symbol starts to blink and there is no power. It stays 3-5 seconds then I am able to gas again. (happened on both batteries)
  4. LED-display defects (some areas on the display is weaker, no lights)
  5. LED-display defects
  6. Scratches on the tank

I contacted my dealer and told him that I was not happy at all with the bike and that it had so many original errors/defects and that this time I would like a full refund and my money back. Here is were it all turned in to a dispute, because the dealer refused to do anything at all and literally hang up the phone on me.

ARN (national board for consumer disputes)

I contacted ARN (national board for consumer disputes) who is a public authority that functions like a court. They impartially try disputes between consumers and business operators. ARN´s recommendations are not binding, but the majority of companies follow them. It usually takes six month from the claim to a decision. 5 persons with legal experts was on involved in this case.


The dealers answer to my claim:

  • The dealer claimed that the bike was made to cut power for 3-5 sec when letting go of the gas handle. 
  • The dealer claimed that there was no blue tooth Connectivity module on this model. And that it would never be any app working for this European model.

The courts decision:

After 6 month the court had made their decision. The dealer had to pay full refund. The justification was:

  • According to the consumer purchase law the product had several original errors (see above)
  • According to the court the cutting of power when riding could be a potential risk I traffic and should therefor be regarded as a original error.
  • All these errors had shown within 6 month and are therefor regarded as original error and defects of the product. The dealer is fully responsible for this and should pay the consumer full refund.



The dealer followed the courts recommendation. The bike is now returned and I got a full refund. If I had not taking it to ARN (the court) I would have never gotten any money from the dealer.

I really liked the bike and I still think It is beautiful, but the defects and original errors was to much for me. I wanted to share my story with you all Super Soco riders.

Thank´s for reading and much enjoy on the roads! 🙂




Posted : 21/05/2019 20:07
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thank you @Heinz for sharing your experience in Sweden. Sweden is a strong state with efficient courts. So far I have swallowed everything or found workarounds. But our now 4 broken rims are too much for us. We have set our dealers a last opportunity to fix the rims with a different design. We too think that the Super Soco TC is a lot of fun, we love them, but there are just severe mechanical design errors and too many lies.

Posted : 21/05/2019 23:05
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Hej Heinz,

 Which dealer did you buy from?

Posted : 23/05/2019 21:53
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I don´t want to expose the dealer because they did follow ARN´s (the courts) recommendations. But the case is being published on ARN´s webpage in short. 



Posted : 24/05/2019 05:25
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Har du ett ärendenr? har också problem.

Posted : 24/05/2019 06:37
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I think everybody has experienced the occasional loss of power, and this is definitely something that should not be happening, however I have got used to it now, and it never happens while power is being applied, only while coasting.

The dealer I bought from told me the same story about the app / Bluetooth and that this was never a feature described as part of the bike in the UK. There is no way to use the app or connect to the bike in the UK, sadly.

I’m pleased you got your money back though.

Posted : 25/05/2019 22:01
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The experience of power loss is very bad, but since I got my second battery and my paralleler I've never experienced it again. With this setup the moped works overall much better! The batteries don't drain that much and you are 100% going 68 instead of 50%. (The speed decreases when the battery is lower than 50%.)

Super Soco TS1200R

Posted : 26/05/2019 11:50
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No power loss here since I have an updated controller. And currently just one battery. Max speed decreases at 30% but I get to keep 45km/h all the time. Even with 15% batterypower. But at that point you see the power go down quickly

Posted : 26/05/2019 12:37

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