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Dealer bike maintenance experiences

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Hi guys,


i was wondering who already went to their dealer to have a bike maintenance, also wondered if you noticed any diffences after the maintenance.


because I went last time and had to pay 125€.- for only refilling brake liquid and checking bolts. Isn’t this a scam of the century?


please post yours!

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Yes I did maintenance for my Super Soco one time because I thought that it was necessary for a moped. But after that maintenance I discovered that you can do the maintenance almost by yourself. The only thing the dealer does what you can't, is updating your Super Soco. 
After that I only brought my Super Soco for fixing all the problems. (all not related because I didn't do maintenance but because of production errors)
As for the braking fluid, I also paid it but I heard it was a very reasonable price.

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When you buy it maybe for your warranty to cover you need to do it once every year. Ask your seller if they require you to do so, then you need to if not, then not. When I read the manual it was a little bit to many times for it to be serviced for me to feel comfortable as I don't need warranty or want to pay a service of about 100€ 1st 500km 2nd 2000km? I bought it because I can fix it if anything goes wrong and make it work or if I can't I let a mechanic fix my things after I have found out what part is causing an error. Regarding the Soco I can fix anything but not update the firmware and that I don't need to do anyway.

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I can only say that if you are anywhere bear Sevilla, do not go anywhere near Jaipurmoto. 

From my experience the whole setup is incompetent.

Perhaps they should stick to their dodgy diesel trucks from India.

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I don't have to do any maintenance yet, I'm still far from 1year or 1000km.

But anyway my dealer is 600km away 🙂 so I have to learn do to all things by myself.

After about 1 month of no usage, I drove about 10km. Lots of noise from wheels, so probable some rust needed to be cleaned.

So I took two sprays from my bycicle: one which cleans the chain and one for brake plates. I did it by myself and after 10 minutes I was done and all the noise dissapeared.

But of course this is nothing compared with other maintenance tasks, but I'm sure nothing will be too complicated to not be able to do by myself.

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