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Make a battery or buy a new one?

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Hi everyone, I'm new here

About TC MAX, the current experience is as follows:


  1. The speed-up is fast, much faster than the speed-up of the 72202+TC1500 motor I used to change ts
  2. The rear of the bikeis light, benefiting from the mid-mounted motor, the rear of the bikeis easy to move
  3. The body is flexible, the counterweight is reasonable, and the posture control is easier
  4. The motor sounds nice, especially at medium and high speeds


  1. The handle is not linear, and the torque suddenly increases suddenly when you turn to a certain point, which is difficult to grasp.
  2. The tires are poor.


The rear brake continuously grinds the disc, and the sound is unpleasant

Sometimes there is no response to the bike directly charging, but it can charge the battery separately.

Now I want to make some changes to it, I might buy a spare battery first, I wanted to do it myself, but I am a beginner, I saw someone sharing this video on the forum: , it's well done,but the cost of calculating seems to be higher. Such as batteries sold on AliExpress, brand new and not that expensive

Can anyone share experience? Thank you in advance

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Hi Kary. I wouldn't try building a battery if you've never done it before. It's dangerous.

Regarding the disadvantages you mention... I've found the tyres to be quite good. Plenty of grip in the dry and decent in the wet too. I don't have any problem with the throttle either. Maybe yours is the 2019 model?